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Deployment of QlikView at Globus Czech Republic

Established as a small general store in the German city of St. Wendel in 1828, Globus is one of only a few so-called family companies. The first supermarket with the Globus name was opened in 1966 and today there are more than forty Globus hypermarkets in Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. The company is currently managed by Thomas Bruch, a fifth-generation descendent of the company’s founders. In the Czech Republic, there are currently 14 Globus hypermarkets and more are being planned.

An unsuitable solution necessitated a change

The management information system used by Globus was provided by an external company several years previously and was based on static Excel reports published in the web environment. The online reporting system could use only a limited number of dimensions and many decisive processes were thus based on not completely identical outputs, while some reports were not available at all and many were created by manually copying outputs from various systems into Excel tables.

For these reasons, employees of Globus ČR began to search for a new solution that would better fulfil their analytical and reporting requirements. In 2008 these employees attended a presentation of the QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) tool based on patented in-memory analysis technology and were captivated by the possibility of integrating data from the different environments used within Globus and by the very rapid responses to any submitted queries. Therefore, they accepted the offer by employees of KOMIX, which is a partner of Qlik (the provider of the QlikView tool), to create a prototype application. The objective was verification of the declared properties of the QlikView tool in an application called “Evaluation of Special Sales” from data that had been stored in Oracle and MS SQL databases and Excel files. This solution was created in less than three days and fully confirmed not only the anticipated possibilities of data integration and the speed of responses, but also the high rate of effectiveness of the development of new solutions, whereas at regularly held meetings the reports thus generated were judged to be very beneficial.

Fast and easy implementation

Based on the achieved results, Globus ČR therefore decided to purchase QlikView licences for its employees at the company’s headquarters and at individual hypermarkets and within two months following this decision the QlikView system had been installed in server configuration on newly acquired hardware. The effectiveness of the chosen solution also became apparent here, as the server works on 64-bit architecture with the Microsoft Windows operating system and a web browser is the only requirement for most workstations.

At the same time, KOMIX provided employees of Globus ČR with complete three-day training. This training consists of two parts. The first part, called Developer, is focused on processes and techniques, as well as on the means of obtaining relevant data from various data sources and for creation of a data model in the QlikView environment. In the second part (Designer), the trainees were taught how to create, based on the defined data model, appropriate solutions in the form of tables, graphs and printed outputs and how to use the extensive built-in functionality. The vast majority of users employ solutions thus prepared for analyses and reporting of the relevant areas, even though these users were only very rapidly trained in the use and control of the given tool.

Immediate benefits

The benefits of using QlikView at Globus ČR became apparent almost immediately. The time period needed for realising analyses of individual sales (e.g. types of products, from when to when in the warehouse, for what price and where, monthly turnover rates, current status of stocks, etc.) was reduced from several hours or tens of hours to minutes, whereas all users have the same data with which they can work further and more thoroughly analyse.
Development and expansion of other applications, including Development of Sales Events, ABC analysis of assortment groups, Overviews of Stock Status and Overviews of Sales of Merchandise from Individual Suppliers, among others, are realised fully independently by employees of Globus ČR. Specialists from KOMIX provide them with technical support and, if necessary, consultations on the use of other functionalities in the new versions of QlikView licenses.