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Applications for European Structural Funds

If there is not enough money for most of the areas which need to be developed, it is usually the IT segment whose budget is reduced first. This may pose a threat to the company performance, and may result in reduced competitiveness or quality of the services provided. You either accept this, or you can try to find alternative ways to improve IT budgets with support from EU Structural Funds.

Our Solution

Although funding from the EU Structural Funds is conditioned by an immense administrative load and strict conditions for the selection of suppliers, financing with support from the EU funds can be a way to save your own money and purchase new technologies.

The cornerstone is to set the strategy and the areas which will be suitable for EU financing so that the project or projects are so attractive for the decision-making bodies that the application will be approved.

KOMIX can assist the customer when creating the strategy, or can be an opponent to an already prepared strategy. In addition, we can help you when processing the application as such.

The money you will save can be invested into other key areas. This way, you can accelerate your development.

Members of the KOMIX consulting team can offer expertise and experience in a major project supported by EU Structural Funds (Integrated operation programme). They participated in all phases of the project preparation.