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Business Intelligence Tool – QlikView

The QlikView environment definition creates a new area, the so-called Social Business Discovery, which represents a new understanding of Business Intelligence. Unlike traditional approaches, this is an end-user-oriented environment: the solution reflects the specific user problem area, including support to team decision-making. This tool offers quick, well-organised and user-friendly analysis and reports for everybody, anywhere and anytime. The statement that with QlikView you get, when compared to other tools, double the value in a quarter of the time and at half the cost has been verified by a number of projects for over 60 customers in the Czech Republic and nearly 27,000 customers abroad.

Benefits of QlikView Solutions

  • Using QlikView you can process and integrate data from nearly any resource (databases, Excel files, text files, Internet and most standard ERP, CRM, SCM,… systems, including SAP).
  • Due to an intuitive and user-friendly environment, which is not IT-user oriented, end users are able to create or modify their own analyses, which will be presented in a well-organised and comprehensible form both in tables and in various graphs, charts and maps.  Support is provided to a wide range of mathematical, analytic, logic and statistical functionalities, including what-if analysis.
  • The QlikView environment can be used in mobile devices, you can share selected screens with other colleagues, e.g. to discuss and make decisions, regardless of your actual locality.  Generated outputs can be customised by the type of user and their access rights and integrated to MS Office or HTML environments. Recipients will automatically receive the actual information they may need.

Our Competitive Advantage

In 2007, KOMIX became the first partner of the QlikTech company in the Czech Republic. Since then, we have developed a stabilised team of experienced people who are able to provide customers purchasing QlikView licences with technical support, product training, consultancy and complex solutions.

We connect our technical knowledge with the factual knowledge of our expert consultants and specialists in, for example, performance management, data management, data and text mining, process and IT analysis, thus we are able to offer complex consulting and implementation services for the whole area of data analysing and reporting.  

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