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Campaign Execution System (CAXS)

How do you manage your marketing campaigns? Do you know their level of efficiency? Campaign Management is a key topic for all companies having many customers and high costs for below-the-line campaigns. This strategic area has a significant impact on revenue growth, ROI and customer experience. We at KOMIX are aware of the importance of strategic planning, management and continuous evaluation of marketing campaigns, and we therefore offer our clients a comprehensive, integrated solution.

Key Benefits of the Solution

  • The possibility to strategically plan, implement, manage and evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Accurate campaign targeting (the right product to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time)
  • Easy and fast design, approval, and execution of campaigns
  • Full transparency in data processing data – there is the possibility at the data level to preview interim results at each step
  • Efficient management of multiple campaigns in parallel
  • The intuitive graphics interface permits the creation of inbound/outbound campaigns, accessible with a few mouse clicks
  • Higher campaign ROI, increased customer loyalty  
  • An optimum ratio between functions and (affordable) solution pricing

Our Competition Advantage

In the area of Campaign Management we have experience with a wide range of best practices, but our goal is not to establish a unified standard and decide for our clients how to plan and to manage their marketing campaigns. Instead, we provide a system that respects the existing processes and systems already in place in client organizations. We thus enable our clients to achieve their goals faster, more efficiently and at lower cost. With this mindset, we offer our clients effective support, from the strategic planning of campaigns to the evaluation of their success. 

KOMIX offers tailor-made solutions for clients looking for an optimal combination of software functions that are actually used, advantageous pricing, and local support in the Czech language.

Files to download

 KOMIX_product_list_Capaign_Execution_System_CAXS.pdf (597.6 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)