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Consulting Services

Nowadays, an extremely wide range of new and interesting technologies is available on the market. Company managers often come across terms such as cloud, big data, ESB, SOA, etc. Why should they introduce these technological novelties in the company? Will they really help to increase sales, generate savings and optimise processes?

Our Solution

Many of our customers have previously ascertained that KOMIX, unlike some other IT companies, is not just a vendor selling technologies or programmer work but a company that understands the business and operation objectives of the customer company and its specific problems and needs. KOMIX helps customers to fulfil their company vision and provides them complex solutions.

We specialise in consulting services in the following areas:

Our Competitive Advantage

KOMIX offers the services of its senior consultant team, whose expertise and experience can cover an extensive portfolio of business problems and customer challenges. Unlike standard models of optimisation projects where a consulting company designs measures and then an ICT supplier provides tools to contribute to the optimisation, KOMIX offers a complex solution to customers – from the design to the implementation. Such approach means a warranty for the whole optimisation process, which greatly contributes to company achievements.

Members of our consulting team have implemented a number of important projects, or participated in their implementation as members of larger teams. Examples:

  • Management of development of an information system for customs and tax management and risk analysis for the Central Customs Office CR;
  • The solution of an information system for the Integrated Rescue System;
  • In the field of financial services, we implemented data mining projects for detection of fraudulent behaviour, prediction of development of customer interest by means of time lines and customer segmentation;
  • We have improved process management systems in several organisations.