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Creating Complex or Partial IT Strategies

The fact that information technologies drive the success of the company is widely accepted nowadays. However, due to rapid IT development, managers often have to face the following dilemma: At present, the IT segment is so complex and changes so fast that managers who focus on the company management, control of its operation and future strategies cannot keep up with the changing company IT infrastructure, let alone follow new IT trends. However, they need to keep control over the strategy, costs and tactical objectives.

Benefits of Consulting Services in the Field of IT Strategy

The above-mentioned dilemma has the following solution: The structure, critical points and IT development strategy (complex or partial) can be "translated" into understandable terms and definitions. Key user requirements can also be collected and presented. All this is then used as the source information for strategic management decisions, which can be made without being an "IT expert" – everything that a manager may need will be prepared in a comprehensive form.

"It is the managers responsible for the costs and incomes who make decisions, not the IT experts." This motto represents the support that we offer in regard to IT development planning – both complex and partial.

A typical consulting service we often provide is the "IT development feasibility study".

IT Development Feasibility Study

Stages of the Feasibility Study

  • During the first stage of the Feasibility Study, the present state and the company's requirements are monitored (requirements formulated by business units or individual users). The requirements are collected and the management sets the priorities. Thus the priorities are determined by the company, not by the supplier.
  • During the second stage, consultants who implement the Feasibility Study prepare approx. the three most suitable alternative solutions. The alternatives are described and evaluated. After that, the managers select the most suitable alternative for them (or a combination of the alternatives).

Our Competitive Advantage

In the field of feasibility study, KOMIX offers the expertise of a team which has been operating in this area for over 20 years. We have assisted in a number of information systems being born or reborn. It is not just IT that is important – it is a complex consulting and managerial view of the whole area, following from experience and based on the principle of searching for the mean course between benefits, costs, company goals, and real possibilities and sources available within the company at present or in the future.