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Data Analysis and Reporting

Our goal is to provide managers at all management levels relevant and actual information for both operative and strategic decision-making. We provide managers with tools to analyse the past and monitor the present state of the processes. In addition, through models and what-if analysis, they can also see the future impacts of their decisions. Advanced analytics services will even help them reveal hidden behaviour patterns, which is useful in event of the suspicion of fraud. Our solutions are developed so that managers are able to complete sophisticated analyses independently, without IT specialists. Responses to complex enquiries are available in the shortest time.   

Our Specialisation

In the field of data analysis and reporting, we specialise in the following areas:

Benefits of Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Actual and correct sources for decision-making
  • Well-organised and quick data analysis
  • Bulk data processing and visualisation
  • Complex view of the whole company – quick and unified reporting
  • Provision of sources for decisions resulting in increased company value, improving financial situation, successful expansion or long-term growth
  • Tracking development trends, time and factual relationships
  • Discovering connections and forecasting potential events

Our Competition Advantage

  • We have experience in major data repositories projects as well as in projects designed for medium-sized companies.
  • We offer the excellent QlikView tool, which is considered one of the best globally. Our patent-protected associative technology ensures that the user can focus on the problem, leaving details of the data storage and structure aside.
  • Storing compressed data in the operating memory reduces the response time from tens of minutes to seconds, or from hours to minutes.
  • Users can customise outputs to their specific needs.
  • We do not depend on a single manufacturer or technology – we will find the solution according to the project requirements.
  • We do not depend on a single manufacturer, we work with a variety of tools and technologies, both from renowned manufacturers and through open sources.

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