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Data and Application Integration

You have data in your computers. You have huge amounts of data. You are getting lost in your data. There are data here and there. There are data everywhere. Some of your data resemble your other data. Some of your data should be identical but actually they are not. And then, there are some data that you do not even know about. You have applications in your computers. A huge amount of applications. Some of them communicate with the others, some of them do not. Some of them are new and you understand them quite well, but there are also old ones that nobody understands. Making changes is challenging and risky, and everybody is afraid of change. The costs of the maintenance and development are increasing. We know how to change this. Ask us!

We offer solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Service-oriented architecture – modular architecture of information systems in compliance with the latest SOA trends;
  • Enterprise Service Bus – tools for unified and systemic methods of connecting applications and a natural part of the SOA access;
  • Workflow – control of processes through specialised tools supporting the process defining standards currently in use;
  • Data repositories – consolidated repositories for company data, which are used for subsequent data analysing, reporting, etc.;
  • Business Inteligence tools – a wide portfolio of tools for data analysis, reporting, dashboards, knowledge mining, etc.;
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools – specialised tools for effective data transfer between different data repositories;
  • Databases – we have long experience and deep knowledge in the area of relation databases (Oracle, Informix, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and DB2), as well as specialised analytics databases such as Vertica.

Benefits of Data and Application Integration

  • Instant access to information
  • You use actual, correct and consistent data
  • Quality and timely source for decision-making
  • Increased efficiency of processes within the company
  • Easier implementation of changes and new functionalities
  • More reliable and effective IT operation
  • Cost saving

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Individual approach – we respect client's requirements and budget
  • Experience from a variety of projects
  • High level of technological knowledge
  • Independency from manufacturers – each technology has an alternative
  • We are able to employ both commercial and open-source technologies 

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