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Management Information Systems

Management Information System (MIS) in the way we understand it is able process not only data from all important internal systems, but provides the opportunity to analyse data from external sources as well.  To support strategic management, predictive models are used, which allows comparing impacts of different decision alternatives.

Benefits of Management Information Systems

  • Quality and timely information for decision-making => better decision-making process.
  • Well-organised information is distributed to anybody who needs it during work.
  • Analysis is completed by the end-user, who does not need an IT specialist.
  • Reporting is widely automated.
  • Possibility to simulate the impacts of potential decisions and optimise the number of alternatives.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Independency on manufacturers – we work with a wide range of technologies supplied by leading manufacturers as well as with open-source technologies. We develop a solution which will meet customer preferences and budgets and fulfil their requirements and expectations.
  • We can offer both standard solutions and statistical or predictive modelling.
  • Our consultants are well-experienced specialists and possess a number of references from different segments of the market.
  • We have distribution rights for QlikView, which is considered one of the best tools of this type in the world.
  • Our offer includes the specialised Vertica analytic database or use of Hadoop.
  • MIS may become an active component within a large system which we can provide.
  • We can also provide you with a solution for data filtering.

Our customers