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Prediction of Distribution Assets Failure Rate – The BIDA Solutions (Business Intelligence in the Distribution Assets Control Area)

Companies dealing with the distribution of energies, gas, water, etc. need to solve regular maintenance and renewal of their distribution networks (distribution assets – DA), namely with regard to the determined volume of financial resources. For budget planning it is important to have a summary overview of the infrastructure condition and an opportunity to predict the probability of failures resulting from the age and wear of technologies and materials, from the service life of individual components or their location in the environment in question.

The process of monitoring a large quantity of attributes and corresponding calculations are so complex that manual processing would be very time demanding, with a debatable result and reliability.

The main meaning of the BIDA solution is the most efficient utilisation of existing corporate resources (financial, material, human) for own distribution network renewal in relation to the damage that could arise if the renewal in question is not implemented.

Benefits of the BIDA Solution

  • Sophisticated strategic planning of investments into the distribution assets renewal

Represents investment planning for the determined number of years based on advanced analyses. Thanks to the information about the condition of the distribution assets and the plan of their renewal, the financial planning is more precise and extremes caused by emergency situations are removed. This also significantly reduces the costs for the capital price, because the prices are lower with repair planning than solving emergency situations ad hoc.

  • Displaying the current condition of distribution assets

After implementing an advanced analysis, the client will dispose of detailed information about the condition of their distribution assets.

  • Prediction of the failure rate of distribution assets for a predefined number of years

Based on the detailed information about the condition of the distribution assets, it is possible to plan investments into their renewal more precisely.

  • Possibility of maintenance prediction as support of negotiation with the regulation authority concerning the limits for investments into DA

The information about the condition of the distribution assets and also the strategic plan are a supporting tool for negotiation with the regulation authority on the shifting of limits with the goal of eliminating potential emergency situations.

Our Competition Advantage

The BIDA solution represents a modern interactive tool for failure prediction in the distribution network, thanks to which it is possible to plan repairs or renewal of distribution assets efficiently. The prediction of failures will also allow for efficient planning of the utilisation of the financial resources for the budget period in question. Thanks to the versatility, the system can now be utilised for any distributors owning distributing networks.